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Ishida vs Haschwalth by InEc-Dve
Ishida vs Haschwalth
Extended Haschwalth's fight, right after chapter 679. Hope you enjoy...

Chapter 679b

Haschwalth had his sword on Uryu's neck, for him that was a very decisive moment. Uryu had already used his Antithesis once, and realized that his powers and Haschwalth's
were no good match for him. Although Haschwalth could revert the damage as well, Uryu decided that the decisive moment would be when the one who received the damage could no longer breath.

The problem with that math was that Uryu could revert the damage, but Haschwalth could even inflict more damage since his attacks are based on fortune and misfortune.
That was easy to understand, Uryu would always need to receive more damage first, and would die first if their bodies were similar in terma of resistance.
It would all come down to reverting the damage at the exact moment Haschwalth kills him with that sword, and of course, always hope for the best.

Uryu could no longer hear anything, all of his senses were focused on that blade, and it's movement seemed very slow, it seemed like hours for the cold metal to touch his skin.
Suddenly, there was a bluish light and a loud noise. Someone interrupted that moment, the moment he was ready to give his life. Now he didn't know if he should trigger his ability or not,
if that would meant his salvation or his end. Then, there was a voice.

- It's too soon for you to die, Uryu - said Ishida Ryuken. - Did you really think Kurosaki Ichigo could deal with Yhwach all by himself ?
This is about the fate of us all, and also, we must take responsibility as Quincies. Leave this to me, you must help Kurosaki Ichigo, he doesn't stand a chance the way he is now.

- Ryuken, I'm afraid this is also an opponent that needs my attention, how do you pretend to fight him on your own.
- Do not mistake me for a fool, I know you've been holding back your powers. I will not make the same mistake. He has indeed a great ability, which could balance even Yhwach's in battle,
but there's no point in losing time here when you're needed elsewhere.

- Interesting, so do you actually believe in that, or was it just an attempt to save your son? - Haschwalth asked.
- I have nothing to speak with you. Uryu, you must go, stop wasting our time.

Ishida Uryu turned his back and ran away from his father. If Yhwach wins, then there is no point in winning that fight against Haschwalth.
He wanted to talk a little longer to Ryuken, this could've been the last time they would speak to each other.

Ryuken instantly uses his own Sanrei Glove, and starting absorbing reishi. He uses that reishi and start shooting arrows at Haschwalth. Even he must have some problems to deal with that.
fter the the dusk settle down, they both look at each other. Haschwalth shield seems to have taken the damage, but it's not intact. It clearly is taking more damage than Hachwalth predicted,
after all, this is no regular Letz Still, and Ryuken is no amateur.
One of the things I love when reading a series is when you feel like the author is talking through his characters. That happened in Bleach a few times, the last time is when Shunsui is talking in front of Ukitake's grave and he's just saying that people can't appreciate his pace, this happened in chapter 685 I guess, so that's Kubo way of telling us that the magazine, of course, couldn't wait for him to finish the story on his own time.  So lately I read the last chapters again and it felt like Kubo tried to express his fight with the magazine itself, like if he was Ichigo and WSJ was Yhwach. So, no matter what he would do, Jump has the "Almight" and decide everything. They can "predict" the future or dictate it, and the mangakas can't do anything to change it, only accept it. The title "Perfect End" and the jokes about Hisagi's bankai only serve as evidence that he was rushed and had no time to show us what he had prepared, maybe he even felt the despair like Ichigo, who trained and prepared the entire series to have his bankai shattered, well, Kubo had his ending broken too. And who knows what he has prepared. I've read somewhere that he had at least material for another year of Bleach, I believe that much time could be used for answering probably everything.

Now, the only way for us to see the ending he had in mind is if someday they animate Bleach again and let him change the end. Or Kubo could publish a long chapter showing one of Yhwach's visions of the future, the one in which he says Ichigo's bankai power is to be feared or something, that way we could see the fight where Ichigo uses his bankai and Aizen and Ichida can do more, maybe Aizen's bankai and Ishida Volstandig. Please show us that future someday!!!
Ichigo Bankai - Bloody Tenza Zangetsu by InEc-Dve
Ichigo Bankai - Bloody Tenza Zangetsu
As promised here is the color version of Ichigo's new bankai in this form, as explained here ->…
I hope I find the time to write down my ideas and hope you like it since now we're officialy out of new bleach content every week.
Ichigo Blood-Tenza-Zangetsu by InEc-Dve
Ichigo Blood-Tenza-Zangetsu
So, Bleach was definitely the manga I loved the most and I can't swallow the way it ended. The problem for me was not the end itself, but the rushed fights near the end, that didn't explore or showed us what Kubo had in mind. Along with that there are a lot of points that needed to be adressed and questions that needed answers. So as I can't stop thinking about Bleach and those things, I decided to try to come up with my version of some fights, it will not change the end, but I'll try t incorporate some theories and make things interesting as I was expecting. I'm not a great artist, specially when it comes to drawing, so I'll work on some designs and maybe some pages, but if someone is interested in helping with some quality drawings I'd appreciate. Of course most of the development will be written, and only some parts will be shown just to help you guys to imagine what I had in mind. This is the first design I had in mind when thinking about Ichigo vs Yhwach, that would probably be a longer fight if Kubo wasn't so rushed. So, since we didn't get to see Ichigo's new bankai or what it does, I guessed it could have some forms, to interact with his shinigami, hollow and quincy powers, based on what power is used for what. This form takes that huge bankai of his and uses his bankai ability to wear his power, so basically a part, mainly hollow, will dress him (long hair, markings, black eyes, horns), while his swords is a white, similar, but no identical version of his old bankai. Of course you can see the markings, which is Ichigo using his quincy powers (blut) to make his sword indestructible. This condensed form maintain Ichigo's well know speed during bankai, as well as increase his attack and defense powers. 
I wanted to surprise you with this during the fight which I'll write, but I just wanted to share my thoughts and my plans with the series. I'll also do some colouring over this when I have the time.
Bleach will live forever!!!!

If by any chance you liked this and want to color it, please give me the credits!!! ^^
Bleach belongs to Kubo and WSJ
So, I just decided to write a little about some things that are going through my mind after reading Bleach 611.
I loved the whole Ichibei x YH fight, it was beautiful, the art was incredible, and it had many surprises, specially because everybody knew how it was going to end.

Now, Bleach 611 starts with YH talking about where Ichibei died. I loved this because Ichibei's feet seem to be where Ichibei said the fight was going to end, but his head was 3 steps away, where YH predicted. Of course you can't measure 3 steps there, but it seems like it. We all know that YH can see the future now, but how about Ichibei? Could he feel something, or was it pure trash talk?? 
Then we had basically 4 pages (2 + a double page) showing the same thing, the SK's palace, and that's what drives me crazy, why Kubo, why?!?!?! Your chapters are already short and you do that to us ¬¬

Well, another problem was the title, it might not be a big deal if the SK isn't really dead, but it'd be so much better to save it for us to see him being stabbed than to tell right in the title that he's going to die. It ruined the climax of the chapter, or the only 5/5 part of it. Anyway, most people didn't like what happened to Ichibei. I personally did. I liked the way he died, loved the way his parts were just laying there, and although I'd prefer him to stay dead, I think the way he came back tells more than we can understand right now, specially because he used Ichigo's powers to do so.

Kubo likes to use religious approaches and analogies in Bleach. There are lots of fight analysis that show us that, I remember one about Uryu, Renji and Szael and Mayuri, it was great. So, what I think is that now the monk is clearly related to buddhism, and as they believe in mantras, so he believes that words possess powers, although for some people that's "loads of shit" as it is for Ichigo, the monk still is able to use it. It's cool that until now only YH and Ichibei called him by his name.

I think in the end, Kubo is trying to connect several religions he may know about. Bleach would be like the conflicts inside his head about everything he believes and he studied to create his own ideas and beliefs. In that scenario, the monk and his words are the buddhism, while, of course, YH is related to christ. Now the thing is, I always thought YH was related to GOD itself, that what his name means. But the thing is, he could also be related to Jesus, and his name could be something Kubo did to trick us. Why is that? Because that's not his name, that's how people called him or named him. That itself explain two possible things:

1 - Kubo doesn't believe the first name used for GOD in the bible was GOD's name, it's Kubo way of saying that people wrote the bible and created the name, or;
2 - Kubo wanted to show us how much people need to create or believe in a God, so they named the miracle kid after him. 

If YH is an analogy for Jesus, then this chapter would show us how Kubo sees this whole GOD/Jesus scenario. If you think that there was a God, he could be real or made up, and there was a book, the old testament, and people would live according to that god's rules (something like the soul king). Now, there his son, Jesus, and try not to think about Jesus as God, but as different things. Jesus could have powers or not, it doesn't matter, what matters is that this MAN was so incredible he made everyone believe he's god, or that the GOD known as ONE is now also three. Nowadays, Jesus and God are almost the same to people, but this "new" God is so different from the old GOD when you compare the old and new testaments. So, God is not human, but Jesus, son of God as every other human being, with powers or not, convinced almost everyone to follow him, therefore, Jesus "killed" the old God, creating this new concept of a benevolent all forgiving god, or in other words, the new testament nullifies the old one. That is what YH killing the soul king means, the son killing the god (father). The miracle son, or the son whose powers come from people; What made Jesus into a "god" is the fact that people believed in him as one. * I'm not saying this as a personal opinion, and just trying to come up with a way of seeing things that is possible for japaneses about christian culture and stuff, and maybe for Kubo ( I personally think Kubo does not believe in any God, but I might be completely wrong)

There's a book by Bart D. Ehrman called How Jesus Became God, I haven't read it yet but I think the title speaks for itself. Anyway, what do you think about all of this??
If YH is indeed the SK's son, doesn't that make all Quincies more special, even Ichigo would be closer to the SK, what would that mean to him? a blood connection to YH and the SK!!?!?!

Bleach volume 66 cover is out, check it here ---->…

Do you think Bleach will end in 2015, this last chapter makes me believe so, that would mean we would have only approximately 40~50 chapters left. Do you think that's enough to explain everything there's to be explained, all the bankais yet to see. I mean, Ichigo is very close to YH, if Kubo start showing other fights and leave that to the final it'll be in the end of 2015. But what about all the characters that we still didn't see fighting? I can't believe Bleach will end so fast, I don't want to believe, I need at least another turn back the pendulum. Robert Accutrone's speech shows that he knows YH long enough to have survived one "selection", maybe in the first war 1000 years ago. We have to see that, and Shinji's, Urahara's, Shunsui's, Aizen's and Ukitake's bankai. I just hope WS Jump is not pressing Kubo to end things earlier.

Sorry for this long text guys, you're a fighter if you've reached the end!!
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